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Shorter Courses Better Results
Carr Knowledge delivers measured results and accountability for all marketing pursuits. And, we put our money where our mouth is as our compensation is directly tied to your growth. The initial Marketing Plan investment and the ongoing monthly retainer is based on the size of your business, the scope of our engagement with you, and the complexity of your plan. Our monthly retainer with you is adjusted annually by the increases we deliver to your business. Should we amplify your business by 30 percent this year, we get a 30 percent raise in our monthly retainer the following year. If we double your business, you double our salary. Each year is measured against the previous...and you can discharge us at the end of an annual agreement.
       Technology Acceleration
Grasping the nearly two-year lifespan of ideal to retail shelf, Brand Marketing Gameplan 101 connects Brand globally via this responsive application listing every Gate and Step of the product’s lifecycle to market while informing all stakeholders and partners of timelines, inputs, outputs, meetings, expectations, next steps and more.
Elevating business Partners via Sales understanding of the Nike/Partner relationship is Plan The Business. This advanced Sales course entertains and transfers understanding while educating users on the key aspects of how to make Nike Partners profitable through planning, teamwork, and the construction of the Plan.
Sales, all Sales, and related professions at Nike rely on Sales Metrics & Drivers for the language we speak to out Partners and the power behind our sales process. This unique and entertaining NikeU/SalesU favorite builds on mastery learning and is backed by neuroscience in the structure for transfer of understanding in all sales activities.
How do you assure your Geo implements the Nike experience correctly? Plan For Success! Utilizing a dynamic interface globally, with local administration and control, this fantastic application leads by example by deconstructing Nike successes for local planning and implementation.
The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is paramount to individual Nike success, and Carr Knowledge delivered an intuitive application that guides the User from planning to arrival with all mileposts in between. Like all Carr Knowledge Interactive engagements with Nike, replication to other business is available.
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Knowledge, or Understanding, right now, is progressively becoming more critical. Adaptive Expertise. Everything is changing. It's no longer change management, it's knowledge management.  

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Things I learned from you and your team have definitely been a factor in my reinvention!

-Phil Gold,
Sr. Communications Professional
Our Brain-centric Design trainees are selling nearly twice as much as those trainees who had not gone through this training!

- Ellen Thompson,
Consumer Services Training Lead
It's the Gold Standard for Design, Development & Delivery, and it can suit any kind of company.

- Mary Logar,
Senior Learning Consultant
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